Thursday, January 19, 2006


First I need to hide from the shame of not posting since October---Forgive me all ye serious Bloggers--Can I even be allowed back in the precious kingdom?----
But the real deal here is----I need to discuss the great success of the debut of my show MAX--Well, not only my show--I share the honor of this new comedy show, with the one and only Matt McCarthy--The room at Mo Pitkins was packed---so for those of you out there that say to yourselves, "hmm. what is MAX?"--Just check us out the first and third Wed of every month at Mo's-"It's the buzz"---it is-but I just like saying that word, buzz--
This post will be brief--Nobody needs a lengthy sermon right now and I actually have to get back to work, where nobody cares about MAX, or comedy, or cute penguins--I'm tired-This lifestyle is killin' me, but I wouldn't change a thing.
These performers were on MAX last night and they need to be addressed here---I love these guys-Baron Vaughn, Billy Wood, Shawn Hollenbach, Michael Muldoon, Katina Corrao, Allen Warnock and Carolyn Castiglia --and of course, Matt McCarthy

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