Sunday, November 25, 2007

I'm Not There

Just saw the new movie, I'm Not There"-last night. I can tell it's going to be one of those movies I feel the need to see again in the theatre. Being a long time huge Dylan fan, I was a little skeptical at first, about how this film was going to play out. Different people playing him, Cate Blanchett? What? (Meanwhile, she was pretty much the best Bob in the film) But after seeing it, it was like, oh of course-How else could it be portrayed? He's such a famous and intricate character, what one actor could really portray all of him anyway-and why would we want just another straightforward biography----so Thank you Todd Haynes for getting the job done-I enjoyed it-and now I feel like only listening to Bob Dylan music- Pretty funny, when I think back to being about five years old, and my mother (also a huge Dylan fan) had just purchased Blood on The Tracks-I was a little scared of Bob back then, especially when she would blare Idiot Wind at volume 10-and I would slam my door--it only took about 10 or 12 years for me to appreciate the meaning of that song. And then I developed a deep love for exactly what I was afraid of as a little kid-Thanks Mom-and Bob---

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Givin' Up Food For Funk

Just waking up ---Saturday morning--I got my decaf in hand-which is ever so daring I know---But I am givin' up food for funk-I don't need a bagel--I need to feel the funky funk---I also want to meet this guy on this album cover--I gotta tell him-- Dave--it's the best worst album cover I have ever seen-Zip Zap Rap!

The boys had a great show at The Back Room last night--was happy to be a part of the hilarity--AND the amazing Jim Gaffigan stopped by for a set--so funny---and the best Bacon material out of anyone-

Have a nice weekend--and please do yourself a favor and check out my show, MAX, at Ochi's lounge at Comix on November 28th-

Love Rube

Saturday, November 10, 2007

I Love Fall--

I also love this album---and basically Bob looks like he's dressed for fall---you can almost see the leaves falling around his face--you can almost smell the woods--I don't know-it looks like a fall album---I just took my dog for a walk and it smelled so good and fall like out there, that I had to make note of it-Do yourself a favor guys--get a dog--it's a life changing experience-it's like the smell of Fall year round---and you can never sleep in again-

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Sometimes It's Hard-

My life, that is, but I know, I'm not special. Why should I gripe about my life, when everybody's got somethin' to write home about. I guess I just wish it was as simple as this picture. I think we had a copy of it in my parents house, when I was growing up. I think I wanted to live this lifestyle, whatever that was. I mean, I think this lady is about to drink Absinthe. So that might have been weird for a kid--But it does look exotic--doesn't it?
So, now it's November---I feel like my favorite time of year is slipping by me---I'm gonna miss the foliage, just simply due to my own melancholy--Halloween is already gone---and now I gotta quickly make a new hand turkey drawing, because Thanksgiving is 2 weeks away---and then my birthday comes-where I will be 37---Who ever dreams of being 37? It's an odd age----you're not 35--which seems like a milestone--and you're not 40 (thank god)-you're just sittin' there---37--boring--(I secretly love 37, because it has my favorite number in it, which is 7)
Anyway---just feeling down----I look like the phantom, I've probably got dog shit on my heels, and I gotta host a show tonight, that nobody ever comes to, even though everyone says how great it is--but where are they then? So, this is what ya get----ya go to seek out a light blog from a comedian, and ya get Sylvia Plath---Love ya