Tuesday, January 31, 2006

The Ledger

Oscars----Love it---
Gimme the mountain---

Oh--and come see MAX tomorrow at Mo Pitkins --7:30pm-No cover!

Friday, January 27, 2006


I just read that there has been another Bigfoot sighting in Malaysia. What the hell is going on? Why is he always spotted in some far away land?--I mean, seriously-When we will he hit the big town?---When will he pack his little bag made of bark and hop on Amtrak-We need Foot! We need something. I think he just needs a friend. Look at him-So glum. But more importantly, where is Humanzee-(which I like to pronounce, like, Jumanji--such a fun film) Anyway--Humanzee is half chimp --half human--He once worked for a family where he did all the housework and helped out with day to day activities. So sweet, was the humanzee--But then the old coot started hitting on the wife and humanzee got the boot--Where did he go? Humanzee! Are you out there?

And now--Plug it in--Plug it in--
I will be at Smut Monday night at 8pm at Galapagos-
Don't forget the next installment of MAX-Hosted by me-and Matt McCarthy--Wed Feb 1st 7:30-
Also--Don't worry all my talented friends--I will be adding all your links soon--they'll be the same ones that everyone else already has--(You know who you all are)

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Year of The Dog

It is here people. Finally, it is the year of the dog again. 1970! I'm sure there are other years that fall under the year of the dog, but you can go look those up. I see a lot of loyalty coming our way this year--a lot of loyalty.
This dog looks like a Max.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Tired of the rat race-

This is what happens to people who work day jobs and are not able to concentrate only on their career of choice---or when they are not able to fly off to Tuscany and eat grapes and sit at cafes and write in leather bound books, instead of a Blog-

Monday, January 23, 2006


Today sucks. It's raining-There are no Holidays to look forward to--No cigarettes to be smoked to fend off the venom that is dripping out of my brain--There are too many plans to make-To many things to do--But other than all of that, I feel great-

Friday, January 20, 2006

I See How It Is-

My good friend, Carolyn remarked that it was unbelievable that I posted 4 times in 16 months---It's on, miss undiscovered superstar-Forget it fuckers, I'm going to post every second of every hour--I'm gonna make you sick- Seriously though, how does anyone have time to live these days, with the blog, website, myspace, space blogspot--I need peace---

Check out The Social Variety Show tonight! 7pm 10 bucks--(I know--can you believe it's 10 bucks?)
158 West 72nd St., 2nd Fl.
It will be hysterical-Featuring, Carolyn Castiglia, Katina Corrao, Matt McCarthy, Theron Steiner, Allen Warnock-me--and Hosted by Shawn Hollenbach ("He's so cool") Produced by Michelle Maclay

Mrs. Garrett

Thursday, January 19, 2006


First I need to hide from the shame of not posting since October---Forgive me all ye serious Bloggers--Can I even be allowed back in the precious kingdom?----
But the real deal here is----I need to discuss the great success of the debut of my show MAX--Well, not only my show--I share the honor of this new comedy show, with the one and only Matt McCarthy--The room at Mo Pitkins was packed---so for those of you out there that say to yourselves, "hmm. what is MAX?"--Just check us out the first and third Wed of every month at Mo's-"It's the buzz"---it is-but I just like saying that word, buzz--
This post will be brief--Nobody needs a lengthy sermon right now and I actually have to get back to work, where nobody cares about MAX, or comedy, or cute penguins--I'm tired-This lifestyle is killin' me, but I wouldn't change a thing.
These performers were on MAX last night and they need to be addressed here---I love these guys-Baron Vaughn, Billy Wood, Shawn Hollenbach, Michael Muldoon, Katina Corrao, Allen Warnock and Carolyn Castiglia --and of course, Matt McCarthy