Thursday, October 13, 2005

Another Year Already-

Okay--Seriously--What is the point? My last entry was one year ago-I'm thinkin' maybe I should start this blog dribble up again--Afterall, Blog is the new Black--I am also going to dedicate this entry to my good friend, Carolyn Castiglia, who has been after me to start this shit up again since last November--Plus-She just gave birth to a beautiful baby girl--Adriana---Although, How can I really say she's beautiful, I mean I haven't seen the thing yet, it could look like this little creature I have posted---But so cute --that little creature--

Anyway--I'm going to make it a point to "Blog it Up"--again--because I hear that is the only way to make it in Comedy---I'm gonna make this one short, because I can, it's raining like ass, and I'm pretty sure I just broke another tooth shoving a leg of lamb down my gullet.

Check out some upcoming shows-
This Monday-Oct 17th--I'll be talking some SMUT-8pm

Wed. Oct 19th--Come to The Social 9pm

Thursday Oct 2oth-8pm
Check out "Coming Out"--The Tank Theatre--

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