Sunday, April 13, 2008

I'm Basically 40

-and I wish I looked as cute as this old French poster-but instead I'm home with toothpaste on my face.

Save the date---Come see my One woman show (a work in progress sorta) Friday May 16th -7pm 300 West 43rd St. at The Roy Arias Theatre $10----Come hear me blabber on about having miscarriages------- with a smile-Having no money--and being a married invisible woman-

Watching a documentary right now about French women in film---they are all gorgeous-Also, I realized, it doesn't matter what foreign actors say in films, they might even be a mediocre actor, but they seem amazing, because of the accents. Americans-you can read us like a book--if we suck-it's pretty damn obvious.

This week I am pissed off about ----American Idol-----You know what you've done-