Monday, March 09, 2009

Life is just a bowl of cherries-

--And if I'm going to be poor, I want to look like this. The brooding Flapper. A cute pixie cut and an empty bank account. A flask instead of a gun to shoot myself because times are so tough. I don't want to go the local bar and try to sip other people's drinks because I don't have enough for my own. I wanna hit up the old Speak Easy on Charles St.-I wanna smoke 18 cigarettes and talk about books, while sipping gin, that was made in 'Cal's attic. I want a Jazz Band--I wanna sing. I wanna wear my slinky emerald green dress with tiny raindrop beads and I wanna sing! Some smokey tune about how some old drunk left me --headed west for a better life and left me behind--I wanna sing! and maybe some liar of a man in a tattered suit will slip me his business card. He'll tell me he's got a a little joint in the South of France where I can go sing all night in the bars on the beach and live for free. I'll be tan all day so it won't matter that I'm aging. I'll be the envy of all at this old Speakeasy. It will almost seem like I'm a somebody for a minute. I'll stay there all night singing, smoking, drinking and being the it girl of the daunting depression. Then I'll slink out in the early hours, squinting, because I've forgotten my glasses. I'll saunter on home, strappy heels in hand, feet calloused and torn. I'll sit on my little window seat covered with lace I stole from some dressmakers shop. I'll sip strong hungarian coffee and write another chapter on the Underwood. It won't matter that I'm poor. It won't matter at all.