Friday, January 27, 2006


I just read that there has been another Bigfoot sighting in Malaysia. What the hell is going on? Why is he always spotted in some far away land?--I mean, seriously-When we will he hit the big town?---When will he pack his little bag made of bark and hop on Amtrak-We need Foot! We need something. I think he just needs a friend. Look at him-So glum. But more importantly, where is Humanzee-(which I like to pronounce, like, Jumanji--such a fun film) Anyway--Humanzee is half chimp --half human--He once worked for a family where he did all the housework and helped out with day to day activities. So sweet, was the humanzee--But then the old coot started hitting on the wife and humanzee got the boot--Where did he go? Humanzee! Are you out there?

And now--Plug it in--Plug it in--
I will be at Smut Monday night at 8pm at Galapagos-
Don't forget the next installment of MAX-Hosted by me-and Matt McCarthy--Wed Feb 1st 7:30-
Also--Don't worry all my talented friends--I will be adding all your links soon--they'll be the same ones that everyone else already has--(You know who you all are)

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