Friday, January 20, 2006

I See How It Is-

My good friend, Carolyn remarked that it was unbelievable that I posted 4 times in 16 months---It's on, miss undiscovered superstar-Forget it fuckers, I'm going to post every second of every hour--I'm gonna make you sick- Seriously though, how does anyone have time to live these days, with the blog, website, myspace, space blogspot--I need peace---

Check out The Social Variety Show tonight! 7pm 10 bucks--(I know--can you believe it's 10 bucks?)
158 West 72nd St., 2nd Fl.
It will be hysterical-Featuring, Carolyn Castiglia, Katina Corrao, Matt McCarthy, Theron Steiner, Allen Warnock-me--and Hosted by Shawn Hollenbach ("He's so cool") Produced by Michelle Maclay

Mrs. Garrett


Carolyn said...

No, no, no, son - I see how it is. I just happen to mention a complete truth on and Mrs. Garret has to go on the attack. You know what Mrs. Garret? YOU'RE WAY TOO OLD TO BE A REDHEAD!

~ Tutti

Carolyn said...

p.s. - Now I suppose you're gonna write a whole post about how I spelled Garrett wrong...