Friday, September 24, 2004

Cat Stevens is Back

The question of the day is-Is Cat Stevens a terrorist, or is he just being followed by a Moonshadow?---Tough to say, folks--I just miss his old tunes-Harold and Maude--anyone?
so, is it wrong that I decided to call it an early night, on a Friday and go home and curl up to a nice Bon Voyage for Barbara Walters --Will 20/20 really be the same? How will we go on? Is it wrong that I got sucked in to the gripping tale of a dillusional woman who decided it was okay to get cozy with a twelve year old boy? I mean where is the harm in that? She claims the boy "seduced" her--yeah right-how? By dangling his gym socks before her eyes? Ooh--sounds enticing-
So, I guess I'm not much of a Blogger--I think the last time I wrote was two weeks ago--well, I've been tired. Hard to come up with witty banter on a regular basis-I'm just trying to live my life here people-wondering why I spend most of my days plucking my face until it's raw--I know, I am so pretty--I really envy girls that can wake up in the morning and not have to check their face for a shadow--Moonshadow that is--Why, I would never sit here and admit on the wonderful world wide web that I have unwanted facial hair- That would be suicide-
Anyway, sleep tight everyone--Be sure to check out The New York Underground Comedy Festival Oct.4th -Oct 10th--I'll be out there wanting to kill myself and throwing up a lot--Oh, I mean doing comedy--

Oct. 5th- at Laugh Lounge-Chicks and Giggles 8pm
Oct 6th-I'll be hosting the ever popular--Comedy Social- at Sin Sin-9pm
Oct 9th-at The Duplex-9:30pm- MintyFresh comedy

Love Rube

Also-my current favorite Blog--

Friday, September 10, 2004

Good Times

Okay, so this is my first try at having a little 'ol Blog--(which I prefer to actually call Blob)-I'm feeling a bit sick to my stomach today, so the shining words that I would normally bring to you, may not be coming out today. Right now, I am doing this at my office, instead of working, because life is short. I will soon be scampering off to a weekend of lounging around, drinking too much coffee and probably going to see Garden State because I am in love with it. It is definitely my joy this month. I will tell myself to quit smoking again because I am starting to resemble the Phantom of the Opera, except with more of a chartreuse color. Then I will decide that if I just throw a mint julep mask on, my face will be born again and I will be able smoke again.

I would like to give a shout out to all my favorite people--you know who you are--I got your numbers-I will be thankful today for plugging away at a career in comedy(please help me)--I will also be thankful that I do not need to use my tweezers today.

This is it--I got nothin' else today---Just wanted to say something--give the kid a break-

and Shawn Hollenbach is my idol. And I love you Mobo!

Have a nice day,

Love Rube

Come down and check me and my crazy friends out this Wednesday at the Comedy Social--I am hosting what should be a great show--