Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I used to live here

This is Horatio St. I grew up on this block. I sold Lemonade on this block--yeah, for 25 cents. (No, it wasn't the forties) I walked to school from this block. I threw pomegranates out a window on this block. I carried a Christmas Tree home with my father on this block. I wore my first pair of high heels on this block. I listened to music blaring out of boom boxes on this block. I played with some of my best friends in the world on this block. This was my block. I can't afford to live on this block now. I can barely afford these cute shoes in this arsty picture-of this block. I can't afford to live in New York City. I will be moving to Rhode Island in the Fall. I would like to come back one day and raise my kids on this block. xo


barb michelen said...

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H. Alan Scott said...

if it makes you feel any better, i live in bed stuy, where on a bi-weekly basis the same guy yells "faggot" at me as i walk to my apartment. i think he's playing hard to get. one day he will be mine!

jessica said...

Oh Jenny... I feel you! I had to leave my COUNTRY behind(that makes me sound like a political refugee, doesn't it?) and thought my life would never be the same. After intensly hating my new country and hometown for a good 3 years, I decided I had to make the best of it and open my heart and mind. And will you know... now we might "have to" move back to Holland (for the same reasons you are moving to Providence) and I don't want to leave. I made new friends, found a new groove and learned to appreciate fresh air over the smell of smoking pot everywhere.

You will be okay. It will suck in the beginning, but you'll be allright. New doors opening for you, blabla.... It's an adventure! And it could be worse: it could be 3400 miles with a big ocean in between.

Oh. And how hard it was to not make a "Jenny from the block" comment!