Thursday, September 27, 2007

Mo Pitkins is soon to be Six Feet Under

Man---all jokes aside, what are we all going to do? For two years, the best of the downtown comedy scene has been making Mo's their home. I have been running my family style Stand Up show, MAX, there, with fellow comedian, Matt McCarthy--Mo's has housed, Chicks and Giggles, Shark Show, Thursgay, Two for the Show, How to Kick People, Rejection Show, Ritalin Readings, Don't Touch Me There, Stripped Stories, Mortified, and the list goes on--Not to mention, Murray Hill and the whole downtown Burlesque scene, as well as great up and coming and well known musical acts. I feel like I have been here before--Back in the 90's (Cuz I'm old) I worked at the popular music club, Wetlands, which paved the way for a lot of great music as well as became a great meeting ground for all types of artists throughout the city-Of course, it had to go, like all the good ones do- because we need more sterile, no vibe, mass produced places, to make New York become the enemy! I am from New York, so it can never fully be my enemy, but it is such a shame these places cannot stay alive.
Where will we all go to perform? Now--Ya either gotta go to an armpit smelling dive--or the comedy "clubs", which all comedians loathe---or maybe a theatre space---But Mo's was not only a good venue (when they still served food and made sure the microphones worked and cleaned a little) for performers, but you could go to a million different rooms, hang, eat and end up seeing at least someone you know-(Not to get all "Cheersy" on ya, but it really was like that) It's really a shame--For me, this really gets me in the gut--I not only worked there and ran a show there--I met my fucking husband there! We had our wedding reception there! And now it will soon be just a mere pile of dusty wood and Stella dripping rubble! Maybe after, a Duane Reade, -or perhaps a slick velvet rope, we need ID, piece of shit-who knows-

But I will say, I will be sad on October 20th--But thankful, it did exist and we all got to develop our shows there and so much more. Thank you Mo's for that--Now go fuck yourself- xo

Now of course--Please come see the last Chicks and Giggles on Tuesday Oct 16th---The last MAX on Wednesday Oct 17th--and the last Thursgay on Thursday Oct 18th-- (well, at least the last ones at Mo's)
Love you guys!

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Abbi said...

That will be sad. I wish we could have had a Save Mo's fundraiser, like kids did on 90s sitcoms. I still might make a t-shirt.